Koen Broos, (b. 1972) works with photography, exploring in his work the balance between radicality, aesthetics and light. His photographs are characterised by extreme framing, hypnotic colours and a play with recognisability. He seeks the essence in the temporary and avoids freewheeling, striving for images that challenge the viewer.

Aesthetically, he rewards his audience with mesmerising images, where light is central.  His approach goes far beyond registration, with a focus on revealing the inexplicable and disturbing. His radicality serves not to shock, but to find the right form for the content. In theatre photography, Broos seeks to capture the energy on stage and invites the viewer to discover the deeper layers of the performance.

In an image-saturated world, Broos goes against the prevailing culture, eschewing the recognisable and focusing on shadow, twilight darkness and the not yet seen. His work is a rebellion against rationality and a search for the hidden promise in our environment.

He exhibits autonomous work that he collects in numbered series. Thus Koen Broos exhibited in DMW Gallery antwerp, C-Mine Cultuurcentrum Genk, Galeria ASVS Porto, Flachlandfestival Berlin, Catapult Antwerpen, Toneelhuis / BOURLA Antwerpen, Kaaitheater Brussel, Workplace Antwerpen, ELIM Art Kapellen, CC Mechelen ( fiction in photography), Antwerp photo , iconobelge expo 2018, Roeselaere, CC Hasselt, cc de factory Zaventem and others .

The Baltic series/series 9 seze series was made in the baltic states in 2022 and can be seen in Bruges from May 2024.

He works with and for a.o. compagnie de koe/ de hoe, Inne Goris, ecce, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui/EASTMAN, opera ballet Vlaanderen, Toneelhuis antwerp, KVS, theatre Zuidpool, transparant, theatre stan, lod, berlin and for many literary publishers. For the international music ensemble graindelavoix, he provided the lighting and set design for many performances until 2020 and is the DOP for the film Outlandish about thomas more utopia. With inne goris and stef stessel he made the theatre installation "HUIS" which travelled through Flanders, UK and France, in 2021 they worked on "OPHELIA" for the Flemish Opera, the Palace and LOD, for which koen broos is the DOP of this theatre film installation.

For the MAS (museum aan de stroom, Antwerp) he is making for the new exhibition "Vracht", a series of 6 videos and a series of photos that co-produce the themes and scenography of the expo, to be viewed until 2031!

Millenium Images,  image bank in London, offers a part off my illustration work.

Millennium operates in the field of contemporary photography.



interview during the dark room photo event, cmine, Genk, Belgium