Residence isola comacina

I will be in residence on the beautiful Island Isola comacina in italy from of the week 27 june 2016
by the support of the Flemish community arts and heritage

a little research into the light
light which has long been a quest in my image / photography

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outlandish // concert film graindelavoix en Björn Schmelzer

DOP koen broos

First part of shooting OUTLANDISH, our ciné-concert project based on Thomas More's Utopia, ended and we survived the stormy atlantic ocean...!!
Here already two images of the film, more to come!

graindelavoix/ Dir. björn schmelzer / DOP koen broos / marius/ manuelle/margarida/ bram/nuno/willem/


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theater aan zee /TAZ / campagne image 2016

TAZ#2016 //// 28 juli - 6 augustus //// Oostende

(affiche: concept©KA.AD - photography©KoenBroos)